Office Visits:

(Sorry, I do not accept any insurance policies)


What to expect.

  • Initial visit: (This usually takes about an hour)
    • This will start with a consultation to determine your chiropractic needs and health history. 
      • If referral for imaging is necessary you will be referred to a local imaging center. You will also be referred if yours is not a chiropractic case or if another health care provider needs to be involved along with chiropractic. (e.g.: referral to a general practitioner for high blood pressure)
    • A physical exam
    • A report of findings telling you what I have found. After I have told you what I have found and explained my treatment you decide if you wish to continue.
    • A Chiropractic adjustment unless some finding during the consultation and exam shows something indicating an adjustment would be dangerous or that further study is necessary before proceeding.


  • Subsequent & Maintenance Visits: (This should take between 10 to 15 minutes)
    • A brief consultation
    • A brief chiropractic examination
    • Chiropractic adjustment of areas in need of adjustment.

Fee Structure

  • Initial Visit $40
  •  Maintenance or visits according to the doctor's recommended schedule of treatment are $30
    • This charge can be discounted @ 10% if the patient chooses to pre-pay 4 or more visits.
      • Charges for pre-paid visits unused within 60 days will be refunded less a $5 administrative fee.

Visits not included in maintenance or a scheduled treatment plan are $40 per visit. 

A maintenance visit ($30) is a recurring appointment (subsequent visit) recommended by the doctor and is eligible for pre-payment discounts.

Proper chiropractic care requires a treatment plan that consists of scheduled visits designed to correct underlying problems (subsequent visits). These rarely go over 12 visits. Those visits cost $30 per visit and are eligible for pre-payment discounts.