Back when Health Insurance was called Sickness and Accident Insurance it was usual and customary to see a doctor who knew you as well as your friends and family. The doctor would listen to you, communicate in plain language, treat you in a careful, clinically effective way, charge an affordable fee, respect your time and in general behave like a human - after all that was the usual & customary way. It was usual that a good doctor, behaving like a human and getting people well, had patients but a lousy doctor did not - no matter how many marketing schemes or insurance companies he was involved with. People expected that sort of care. Over thousands of years that sort of care became the usual & customary way of being a doctor. I like this approach and have decided to do things this way 

The old (pre-insurance) chiropractors I met were good doctors. Joseph Lalli, Jack Schwartz, Cranston Porter, Joan Partridge and others had a knowledge and a passion that was not restricted by any third party. Dr. Partidge had Kentuckiana Children’s Center treating behavioral disorders like ADD and type “O” disorders like asthma because she had seen results - and patients sought us out because successful treatment did not depend on some third party’s opinion that “chiropractic was only for musculoskeletal conditions” - an opinion that ignores hard evidence that chiropractics principal that the body is self healing when the nervous system is functioning better when subluxations are corrected!

Traditionally chiropractors have believed that a person’s healing power comes from within and, by getting our nervous systems functioning properly, we can release that natural ability. That belief requires us to treat patients humanely. We have been persecucted for this (the AMA was found guilty of illegally trying to contain and eliminate us) and our sucess and research has been ignored and suppressed under the influance of the "Medical Mafia" (all the folks who make big bucks off of a chronicly sick society)

Want to get real? I have the opportunity to go back to the “usual and customary” way of doing things. I have cut out the hidden cost of involving an insurance company, so my cost for care is often less than the co-pay insurers require their doctors to collect. Call me to set up an appointment at (321) 247-0445.