Well, considering that

  • Chiropractic is a separate and distinct healing art that teaches that the body heals itself unless there is some interference. - A chiropractor looks to find that interference.


  • A since a major source of interference comes from the spine where fragile nerve roots are compressed or irritated by improper movement of the bones.

  • Irritated or compressed nerves cause over excitement or under functioning of those nerves, what a chiropractor calls a subluxation.


  • Whatever part of the body these nerves go to will have symptoms.

    • Muscles may go weak or become spastic .

    • Joints may swell

    • Scoliotic curves may develop

    • Internal organs may dysfunction


  • You may - or may not - feel pain from the subluxation, a cause of your “dis-ease”.


  • Classically trained chiropractors are the only professionals expert at locating and correcting subluxations.

  • You will need to return because correcting the cause of dis-ease takes longer than simply covering up the symptoms.

A: It only takes one, but it’s going to take a few visits.

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