In the early 20th century a uniquely American idea of health care stormed onto the scene. This simple philosophy appealed to practical folks because it spoke an obvious truth. It said that health was something that came from within and that blocking our innate healing ability caused disease and incomplete healing.

Chiropractic is a natural healing art that works by reducing or eliminating interference in the nervous system to establish a clear connection between the brain and the body.
I individualize various traditional and light force methods to each person to gently remove nervous system interference, allowing the body to heal and stay well through natural processes.

What to Expect

Initial visit: (This usually takes about an hour)

  •  Consultation to determine your chiropractic needs and health history. 
  • A physical exam
  • A report of findings telling you what I have found. After I have told you what I have found and explained my treatment you decide if you wish to continue.
  • A Chiropractic adjustment unless some finding during the consultation and exam shows something indicating an adjustment would be dangerous or that further study is necessary before proceeding. 
  • Subsequent Visits: (This should take between 10 to 15 minutes)
    • A brief consultation
    • A brief chiropractic examination
    • Chiropractic adjustment of areas in need of adjustment.

Take Action

New changes are in the wind about how we pay for health care and, unfortunately, the news is not likely to be good. It seems likely that co-pays and deductibles will go up. While my office visit fees are less than most co-pays I would like to increase the value of my care by making it even more affordable, especially to folks who understand the benefits of chiropractic in keeping you healthy.
Initial visit; $40 // Single visit; $30
Plans for people wanting to be seen regularly. (does not include initial visit)
  • Save 10% by pre paying for 4 to 8 visits ($27/ visit) for an overall savings between $12 to $24
  • Save 15% by pre paying for 8 or more visits ($25.50 / visit) This saves you a minimum of $36 for 8 visits.
    • (Visits are sold in blocks of 8 and must be used within 8 months of initial purchase. Unused visits will be refunded)